International Ocean &  Air Freight Forwarders
  Worldwide  NVOCC Services
  SCM / Buyers Consolidation
  Govt. Approved Custom House Brokers
  Multi - modal Transportation
  Inland Transportation
  Warehousing & Distribution
  Project & Heavy Lifts
  Door to Door Delivery

Although primarily a Clearing and Forwarding company, we believe the only means of creating true satisfaction with our customers is to provide a full door to door service. We therefore provide a full spectrum of services – in response to customer requirements.



This includes access to all aspects of import functions: 

                 - Primarily clearing and Forwarding in all South African ports.

                 - Additional services: 

                                     - Cargo handling

                                     - Stevedoring

                                     - Tally services

                                     - Warehousing


                                                   - In Bond

                                                   - Free-store

                                                   - Marine Insurance 

                                     - Transportation requirements

                                     - Distribution


                                                   - Local

                                                   - Over border *

                                                   - International 

                                     - Cargo value added services:


                                                   - Packaging

                                                   - Container packing / unpacking

                                                   - In-bond facilities

                                                    - Inland storage and distribution

                                                   - Over border requirements



                 - Documentation

                 - Customs procedures

                 - Assistance with permit requirements

                 - Transport

                 - Container cargo verification & packing


Terminal Operations 

Providing a full one-stop service for seamless operations to customer requirements. Individual packages desinged to suit specific needs.


Container Operations 

Tailored made to customer requirements.


                 - Logistics

                 - Packing / unpacking (Content certification)

                 - Mass certification



Transport Tpiru by road or rail


                 - Road – delivery from local to country-wide as well as to neighbouring territories.

                 - Rail

                                  - Local– contract rates negotiated for local rail delivery based on volumes.

                                  - Over-border – special arrangement in place for secure movement via privately operated rail company – fully monitored for security.

                 - With a substantial track record of excellence. Full surveillance of operations independently monitored and operated.






Support Services


Marine Surveying & Engineering:     

Full service provided by an established and accredited company of long standing.


Training & Development:        

We are very aware of the perceptions towards black companies and are therefore geared to provide exceptional training and development for our staff.
Through an affiliate company - Skills Empowerment Management Initiative (SEMI) - we are in a continuous process of  training and upgrading of skills development in all facets of the working environment, utilizing the wealth of experience of a number of tutors from Different Industries where it is appropriate.


Security Services: 

Security is one of the key aspects of successful cargo operations and service delivery. In this regard we have an  established security department as a division of Freightmax